Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I like when bloggers reveal what kind of blogs they like. Though I don't really consider myself a blogger at all, it's such a good idea to do.. So here's one of my favourite blogs. I like this blog because it is quite light and easy and quite entertaining also. But it has some really innovative stuff in it, little inventions that would be left unnoticed without this blog. Also the writer makes some excellent combinations and all the headlines and everything are a success in their randomness. She combines good photography, scandinavian design, food, artists etc.. Here you go: LOLITA

early winter morning walk

flower lamp

more flowers

ocean trash collages by Mandy Barker

She also gives a lot of tips for blogs to follow, I've often found many other good blogs via Lolitas.. 

I also got my idea for this self portrait gif animation from her, I try to continue it soon enough.. 

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