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Le Projet Kairouan

Read this article of Le Projet Kairouan

of the residency held two weeks ago. I'm now editing the photos I took with my Mamiya 7 for the curator Leila Souissi. I was surprised that I was almost only one (I think there was one other photographer) who shot on film. Although others also had a medium-sized camera they preferred to use digital... I also had my digital but since I always worked with film it was better to continue this way.

I'm happy about results, it was a new environment and took some time to get used to. Also I prefer to go alone when I photograph which was practically impossible in this city with a group of 30 photographers. Also we had guides. But it turned out a very good way, I had a super guide and everything was so easy. Organization was amazing. It was a project of Delegation of European Union. Official name is Deuxième Résidence Euromaghrébine de Photographes 2015.

To be continued...

Langa / Cape Town / South Africa

More photos of Microgalleries in Cape Town from March. Photos by Microgalleries

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Kairouan streets

Some more photos of the miraculous Kairouan.. So many new things and colours. Blue was said to be anti-mosquito colour.. After a day walking on the streets my head was full of little sand that I thought was coming from the desert outside the city. These photos are from the Medina- old part of town.

Kairouan is an old artisanal town with beautiful carpets, wool, fabrics, jewellery, leather, silver and gold. Like a treasure box. I bought a carpet made of camel wool, and some wool to knit something for winter. I didn't have time to go to hammam since I was so into photography but next time then.

When I photograph a new thing, especially if I have only one week like here, I concentrated fully on making a good photographic work- I really hope it works out fine. We were about 30 photographers from Europe and Africa- and we also had local guides to help us.

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Le Projet Kairouan

Working on Le Projet Kairouan, in Kairouan, Tunisia last week.  I had my Mamiya 7 with me, and now I just got my films developped.

There was about 30 photographers on this euro-maghrebian residency, from Europe and Africa. I was happy to be chosen to represent Finland. It was an exciting week that I devoted totally to photography! I wish I could have plenty of those.

Last photo by Mahdi Ayadi. Me working with my guide / assistant Yosra Nebti and the children of the town who I photographed a lot.