Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Le Projet Kairouan

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of the residency held two weeks ago. I'm now editing the photos I took with my Mamiya 7 for the curator Leila Souissi. I was surprised that I was almost only one (I think there was one other photographer) who shot on film. Although others also had a medium-sized camera they preferred to use digital... I also had my digital but since I always worked with film it was better to continue this way.

I'm happy about results, it was a new environment and took some time to get used to. Also I prefer to go alone when I photograph which was practically impossible in this city with a group of 30 photographers. Also we had guides. But it turned out a very good way, I had a super guide and everything was so easy. Organization was amazing. It was a project of Delegation of European Union. Official name is Deuxième Résidence Euromaghrébine de Photographes 2015.

To be continued...

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