Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I have been moving to a new apartment during the last week(s), so it takes some time to find a new rhythm and adjust to it.. New thoughts of new series is developing.

My friend from south wished that once in a lifetime she could see Aurora Borealis. In my hometown, Kuopio, I could see them quite often during the cold winter evenings. In Finland and many Nordic countries the Aurora is called the Fires of the Fox- as a saying that the fox is striking a spark with his tail running in the sky.. Firefox was a hunter's primary wish or target and its fur would sparkle in the dry weather (what would explain the Aurora).

Still I often think the times I saw the Aurora, once above a frozen lake in Lapland, and on the lake was a herd of reindeers. Unbelievable. But now what I really wish to see once in a lifetime, is a flight of starling birds, that seems as magical to me as the Aurora to my southern friend.   

Once in a lifetime. They seem to be moving as much as myself, but together, creating a new, calm movement that also returns. Creating a new form.

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