Monday, 22 September 2014

Stories of 1000 and 2 nights

I have a photo series going on, on film. I won't publish them before I put them all together.. It is a series that has many different sides. The subjects link and it is important to me that the photos continue a story. I started from my series Nonville Road (here) and am telling this story forward from different points of view. Sides include a person, installation, documentary series about "SDF" as they say in french, a story that didn't exist and a travel through Nonville Road.

It sounds pretty vague here as it is not ready yet, but to me it is very inspiring to work now with these different sides and more bigger subject than just one series. Also I can work with my hands on the installation and colour and black and white photos at the same time. As fancy as digital photography today is, I find myself further and further from it- even though I use a digital camera a lot, I prefer always to use my film camera when I am concentrating on my series.

I think I will surely stick to it and keep working slowly and putting the emphasis on one photo. I like my old digital camera too, and here's some sunny photos taken with it. It is great for inspiration and capturing some free floating thoughts. But those thoughts always find a way to become more and more condense, on film..  

Living in Paris one can always see one thousand and one great things in one day, but the greatness of it doesn't mean it is always necessary or that it has something deeper behind it.

As much as I would love to believe in humanity, humans are too weak to take all this greatness inside them without further consequences.

This coming from a woman who is not sure how to write consequences.

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