Saturday, 12 April 2014

My cameras

I thought to introduce to those who are interested, the cameras I am using.

I have a few.

1. Mamiya 7. My number one, medium size film camera that I love and adore. I use it when I am doing the serious artistic work. I don't take other photos with this camera, the film and developing it takes money.
Check out this photo

2. Mamiya RB67. My old film camera, which i had since 2007 or 2008. I used it all the time when I was in art schools and after. It requires a tripod every time I use it. Now I prefer Mamiya 7 that is not so heavy.
Check here

3. Nikon D200. My digital camera. I use it in the professional photo shoots, like weddings etc. It's not the fanciest of the bunch, but I like it. I think I will get a better one when I get some money.
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4. Canon AV1. My father's old 35 mm. I love this camera, when I saw my father using it I became interested in photography in the first place. I still remember the first time he let me take a photo with it. It sounds so cheesy but it is true. I got the camera later from him.  I use it sometimes when I feel special.
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5. Diana F. Also takes medium size film. Is known for its effects it creates randomly. Lomography lovers no 1 classic.. I like to use it when I find some old film or when I go on holidays.
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6. Canon Powershot sx20. I use this to make some videos. I have started to take a lot of video material but so far I haven't managed to develop my ideas further. Also it's great for macro shooting.
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7. Samsung Galaxy SII. My phone that I make instagrams with. I think it is like a little sketchbook.
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