Tuesday, 18 February 2014


As I came here to shoot some photos, I saw a big eagle getting off from one tree. I'm fairly certain it was an eagle and not a hawk as it was so big and majestic. It was sitting very close to the ground in this forest which made the forest feel very special. Also so far, during this one year that I have now lived near this forest, I have spotted two deers, a lot of swans and geese at the lake nearby, some rabbits, a cat with one eye, many hunters and their dogs and many other dogs. Once my friend saw a dead fox too. And I've seen also a lot of signs of the wild boars, that I would be extremely interested to see, but they are probably not so keen on me, hence the hunters. One sunday morning I saw a lot of blood on the forest road. I guess the area is not called Bois-le-Roi for nothing. 

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