Friday, 20 April 2012

valoKuvA at FAFA Gallery

Still couple of days of exhibition left, sunday is the last day. Exhibition had quite a lot of visitors I guess and there was a good positive critique on the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.. Here's how it looks. 

At the front the works of Federico Ortegón Perez: Automatic Adam, Floating District 1 & 2
This Floating District (1) was my favourite of the exhibition, two photos here on the right. 

Here is my work A Cross:

Jonna Kina: Untitled

A detail of Saku Soukka's Contrast

Sampo Apajalahti: Piilo

Ninni Wager: Aistien vapautuminen kulminoituu logiikasta irtautumiseen

Tadaa, Hello! 

So there you go, visit if you can.

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