Saturday, 17 September 2011

Art Fair Suomi 2011 - part II

Carioca, 2011 (on display at Cable Factory)

Art Fair Suomi 2011 is a massive event with about 600 works of art on display. I was there thursday working a little bit. While there, I got to look at the works of course. I wish I had had my camera to take some photos.
Though it's a fair, it's a good place to take a look at Finnish Contemporary Art of today. It's an interesting combination of photographic art, video art, performance art, sound art, drawing and painting. Photographic art is taking the biggest part of the exhibition (The Union of Artist Photographers being the other participant, the other is Artists' Association MUU).

Tomorrow Sunday is the last day of the fair. 14h00 there's a performance by Varpu Lukka and 15h00 painter Katja Tukiainen talks about her favorite works there. Go visit at Cable Factory.

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